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What's you face shape shade?

Sharpen up your shade throwing style with these simple steps below:

( Once you've determined your shape, click the link to get your face shape shade on point! )


The Heart-Shaped Face: 

  • Forehead being wider than any other area on your face 
  • Jawline is gently narrow to the cheekbones 
  • Imagine a triangle flipped upside down

Think Celebrity: Reese Witherspoon / Nick Jonas

Sqauare man.JPG

The Square Face: 

  • The width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are equal 
  • Your face will be nearly as wide as it is long
  • Jawline is defined, with only a minimal curve

Think Celebrity: Oliva Wilde / David Beckham

Round women.JPG

The Round Face: 

  • Your cheekbones are just slightly the widest part of your face
  • Your jaw is curved (opposed to angular square faces)
  • Soft features in general 

Think Celebrity: Kirsten Dunst / Elijah Wood


The Diamond Face

  • Your jawline and forehead will be the same length 
  • Your face is broadest at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead and jaw
  • High cheekbones will be your most prominent feature

Think Celebrity: Tyra Banks / Johnny Depp


The Oblong Face

  • Your Face is Longer than the Width 
  • Forehead, cheeks and jawline should all be similar in width
  • Oblong face is also referred to long face shape

Think Celebrity: Liv Tyler / Ben Affleck

round man.JPG

The Oval Face

  • Length of your face is about twice the width of your face
  • Forehead that is just slightly wider than your chin
  • You're lucky to have the most versatile face shape and can wear almost any style shade

Think Celebrity: Jessica Alba / Kanye West