- Golden Aye - Resort 2018 Collection

Golden Aye, the 2018 Resort Collection is just what you need for a daily dose of happiness. What better way to level up than with our favourite things.. Shades, Jewelry and cocktails!

This season’s muse was... You guessed it, cocktails! Find your blissful moment throughout the day by channelling our fiery, fun, lovelorn vibe! Join us for happy hour with a mouth-watering, vibrant and refreshingly aye catching menu of style! 

The focus is on an array of fabulous cocktails in hues of yellow, green, red and gold. Sit back and enjoy a glass of effortlessly chic looks from the new range.

The label will always resurface signature glimmering stones, unique detailing and standout colors. Although as proved with the resort collection, we are building on that palette in a romantic way.

Ranging from bold eccentric looks to petite accents, the Golden Aye collection is sure to ignite your tastebuds.